Our Story


The business began in 2016 from the ideas and partnership of two Kamilaroi men, Glen & Steve – who had a desire to not just start their own business, but to grow to the point where their company could help out their mob as well as the community as a whole.
The vision was simple. We employ local people. We create a business that allows local companies to receive the products that they previously had to go out of town for, coupled with the service that you can only receive from people you know. People who live where you live.
Our mission is to keep growing, and to bring in more local people to be part of our business. To keep providing outstanding service & value, so that money which was previously going out of town stays right here – where we all live & work.
Our owners don’t drive sports cars and have riverfront mansions. They invest money back in the business, into jobs for more locals, and into community projects.
Our philosophy is customer service the way it used to be.
We work to ensure that our customers become our business partners, and when they prosper - so do we.
While our aim is always to provide value to our customers by supplying them the right products at the right price, we truly believe that it’s our people who separate us from the competition.
We love working here – and it shows.