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We are 100% Indigenous Owned
We are 100% Indigenous Owned

SUTTON No1-6 Screw Extractor Set - Easy-Out


SUTTON TOOLS® EASY-OUT Screw Extractors are designed to remove broken screws and bolts. Each EASY-OUT has a right-hand thread which embeds itself into the hole drilled by a corresponding (matching) Right-Hand HSS Jobber Drill Bit (drill bits are not included).

This M603S15A 6-Piece EASY-OUT Set includes six of the most commonly used extractor sizes (#1 - #6) housed in a handy storage case.

      • Left Hand Spiral - Aggressive spiral for extra gripping power
      • Tapered Spiral Flutes - Designed to embed themselves deeper, therefore as fastener resistance increases, so too does the EASY-OUT Screw Extractors grip making removal easier
      • Square End - For hand operation in a variety of holders
      • Material - Made from Carbon Steel

The application steps are as follows;

  1. Drilling - The first step is to drill a hole in the damaged fastener with the correct size Jobber Drill Bit
  2. Embedding - The second step is to embed the corresponding EASY-OUT into the hole until it has firmly gripped the damaged fastener
  3. Removal - The final step is to reverse the EASY-OUT and remove the fastener


      • 6 x EASY-OUT Screw Extractors
        • # 1
        • # 2
        • # 3
        • # 4
        • # 5
        • # 6
      • Plastic Storage Case